Agricultural Wells

Many farms, particularly Dairy units would benefit greatly from their own water supply. The advantages to those particular Farms are directly proportionate to water usage. A large Unit may recover the cost of a well in as little as seven months; a small unit may be up to two and a half years.

An advisor from Auchincruive Agricultural College disclosed recently that in many years of 'desk-top studies', he has never encountered a case where a Well would not be financially beneficial to the farm being studied.
We are constantly being informed that the cattle prefer to drink well water, rather than mains. The greater consumption of the preferred water consistently improves the milk yield.

In a similar vein, we are told that the cost of running a borehole pump is greatly offset, particularly in temperate months. The consistently cool temperature of Well water greatly reduces the time that milk-chilling systems operate.

We take great care when drilling these wells to pick out desirable aquifers (water bearing rock formations) with sufficient yield wherever possible. The selection of these aquifers provides reliable water supplies, usually without the need for further filtration of treatment. The quality of the material we use and our skill in the installation makes for a sound, long-term investment. We have recently replaced two submersible pumps on different Diary Units, of differing sizes. The larger of the Units, have seen just under 14 years of service from their pump. The smaller unit has exceeded 14 years.

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